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Providing professional geotechnical services to the Northern Beaches, Sydney and Beyond

About us

At Ascent Geotechnical Consulting, we offer a broad range of geotechnical services to home owners, builders, commercial developers, consulting engineers, architects and local Councils across the Sydney Basin and beyond.

As a boutique Northern Beaches based consultancy, we are specialists at navigating the often-complicated Northern Beaches Council DA process. We can provide all the necessary geotechnical services, reporting and documentation to take your project from concept to completion efficiently and with minimal fuss.

With a combined 30 years of experience and thousands of individual projects successfully completed, Ascent's dedicated engineers and geologists can provide top quality, individually tailored solutions, combining technical expertise with a thorough understanding of our clients' requirements.

Our Services

We take pride in providing a broad range of practical geotechnical services and advice, tailored for residential and light commercial/industrial projects with services including:

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Geotechnical Reports for Council Development Application (DA) and Building Certificate

Geotechnical assessment and reporting to satisfy all local council stipulations for lodgement of Development Application and Building Certificate submissions

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Site Classification (AS2870)

Geotechnical site assessment for classification of residential or commercial developments in accordance with AS2870 : 2011 – Residential Slabs and Footings

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Subsurface Investigations/Ground Testing

Subsurface testing to determine engineering values of soil profile, depth to rock, identify groundwater etc

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Slope Stability Investigations/Risk Management Reporting

Full stability assessment and risk management of potentially unstable areas/slopes/foundations in accordance with Australian Geomechanics Societies – Landslide Risk Management 2007

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Pre-purchase Stability Assessments

Identify and assess any potential geotechnical issues prior to the purchase of a property. This can be very useful for the vendor, potential purchaser and is often a requirement of the lender in areas where a property is located in a geotechnical hazard zone as identified by local Council

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Inspections and Monitoring

Regular inspections and assessment of excavations, advice on excavation management and temporary or permanent support requirements. Vibration monitoring for excavations

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Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations

Preliminary acid sulfate soils investigations and reporting in accordance with local Council planning controls

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Hydrogeological Investigations

Investigation into groundwater conditions including, seepage, stormwater management, absorption and infiltration rates

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Geotechnical Assessment for Tree Removal

Geotechnical inspection and certification in accordance with NSW Rural Fire Service 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Policy